Going wild at office parties ruins career

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Going wild at office parties ruins career

Postby LKVM » Mon Mar 01, 2010 11:26 am

Too much drinking and partying at the annual company bash may put a deep blotch on your reputation around the office, says a leading expert.

According to employment advocate, Mark Nutsford, his company, Employment Relations Consultants, sees an upsurge in calls following workplace fallouts from the annual Christmas party. He said that in January, he receives almost one call everyday with reference to incidents sustained over the festive season, most of which are alcohol fuelled.

One common scene at such parties was employees getting drunk and telling the boss what they really thought of them. Nutsford said that it was also not uncommon to see theft charges being laid against employees after the Christmas party.

"...They take some of the companies surplus grog with them because they think its their property anyway because they''ve worked hard all year,” The NZPA quoted him as saying.

He said that then the management takes exception, isolates culprits and lays charges. "In these cases, the company often lose otherwise highly productive people who would not have been lost with better planning again," said Nutsford.

And that impromptu romantic liaison may also initiate complications at company celebrations. He said: "Hidden desires pent up for months in a sober office environment can lead to mutually consenting sex between adults in the toilets, on the boss''s desk...or anywhere. And a bonk between consenting adults on company premises is not really a criminal offence but some do lead to a loss of reputation which links to respect and authority in the workplace."

However, most of the times such problems were settled internally with a quiet word, or confidential meeting.

What are your take about the above????

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