Need advice on Gu Zheng

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Need advice on Gu Zheng

Postby usaik » Fri May 21, 2010 6:21 am

I read in wikipedia that the modern Gu Zheng has 21 strings. However the number of strings may vary from 15 to 25. Does most people start learning Gu Zheng with 21 strings these day? Or does different schools teach different type of Gu Zheng? If I have a Gu Zheng with a different number strings, is there any difference in the way I practise and play the Gu Zheng? Would it be confusing for a child to play a X string Gu Zheng in school and practise on a Y string Gu Zheng at home?

There is a super old Gu Zheng in my mom's store room, I am now thinking whether is it possible to salvage that Gu Zheng? Anyone can tell me what are the "signs" I should look out for to determine whether this thing is "salvageable"? And if possible, how to go about doing it eg.which shop can I send this to for re-string...etc?

If I want to buy a new Gu Zheng, what should I look out for? Any tips and advice about this instrument would be highly appreciated. TIA!

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