Ballet - RAD or CSTD

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Post by neorenjie » Thu Dec 11, 2014 7:35 pm

FantasyLandDreams wrote:
hapydino wrote:hi fellow mummies and daddies..

thank you for your contribution..

i have sort of decided i would go for RAD for my gal.. went to view Crestar (Hougang / Kovan) yday.. the lady doing registration say at this age there is no distinction between RAD/CSTD as the teachers are both trained in RAD and CSTD (i am a bit skeptical with this statement).. She said, now is basic, 1 yr later, proceed from BeBe Ballet to Classical Ballet and this is the time we parents voice out our preference and decide which teacher / syllabus we want our child to learn..

i feel, though now is Basic Ballet but the teacher if trained in CSTD would be teaching CSTD steps??

so in the evening I went to view Ballet & Music Company @ United Square as i was advised over the phone that they only have RAD syllabus..

any comments between Crestar and Ballet & Music Company?? what about DancePointe??

yes, i was advised by my gal friend tat the teacher plays a bigger part.. i agree 100% but at this stage, i dun tink i will be able to 'interview' the teacher nor sit in every lesson in every single lesson to ascertain which teacher is good..

so my bet will be to view the centre, the dance studios, access the syllabus, the leotards (lol, yes this mummy cares about the leotard and the pong pong skirt design) and try to get a better school and enroll.. only after lessons start can i assess my child's interest / likes / dislikes and indirectly ascertain the lesson's quality and teacher's professionalism??

thank you, welcome any comments.. :)
Just to share my experience, if you are with Crestar and want to switch from CSTD to RAD, usually they will want to "demote" one grade. Also, it does not necessary mean Crestar teachers are better than cc teacher too, a lot really depends on teacher, although Crestar is about 50% more expensive than cc in terms of fees. But not all cc will have the annual concert thingy though ...this is perhaps the only minor difference from the way I see it....
When you switch from RAD to CSTD you normally have to demote one grade too. It does not mean one syllabus is better than the other, it is just that the syllabus is different. Indeed Crestar teachers may not necessarily be better. You have to do your own research to determine if the teachers are good. CC is the cheapest but it's common that the class size is big and they don't have much activities such as concert and competitions.

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Re: Ballet - RAD or CSTD

Post by tanwl1 » Fri Nov 13, 2015 7:01 am

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Re: Ballet - RAD or CSTD

Post by Purple-sky » Wed Mar 23, 2016 9:24 pm

Dance Theatre Arts at Cairnhill has a solid pre-school program beginning at 18 months. Bridges children into RAD. Heard from the teachers that the open syllabus concept used in the school ensures good training of the body and mind, rather than just focusing solely on syllabus requirements. All children take the RAD exams. Check out their website Small scale school but lots of passion and dedication going on in there. Pleasant, nurturing environment

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