Experienced violin teacher (lady) for daughter (Grade 4)

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Experienced violin teacher (lady) for daughter (Grade 4)

Postby cathyCAT » Mon Dec 06, 2010 5:05 pm

Hi all,

need you help in this.

My daughter is currently at Grade 4 violin, however, she insists on having a lady violin teacher. She is very passionate about music and is very independent and mature in learning, going to Primary 2 next year. Thus she does not need a fierce teacher, as she wants to play her instruments well, pressurized by herself.

At this stage, I understand that having the right technique is very important so that she can progress to higher levels.

:?: Do you know of any good private violin teacher (lady) - current NAFA teacher or ex-NAFA teacher?

Please do PM me.

Appreciate your help. Thanks!

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