Piano Lessons For 14 year old

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Piano Lessons For 14 year old

Postby CNMI » Thu Jun 23, 2011 2:13 am

Dear all, We are planning to send our 14 yr old girl for Piano lessons but are pretty clueless. She is not really keen on exams but we want her to be able to gain something from the lessons so that our money are not wasted.

Can some kind soul advise where or how to start? We have checked with Yamaha and this is where we intend to send her but then we read about solfege... Apparently they don't teach solfege to the older kids, right?

Sorry guys, this Piano lesson thing is really stressing us out so can someone point us in the right directions? What/where is good etc....

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Piano Lessons For 14 year old

Postby Dreamaurora » Thu Jun 23, 2011 9:58 am

There are many options you can explore since your daughter is already a teenager. If she is into pop or contemporary music there are many contemporary music schools like Contempo Music School, Believer Music, etc.

But if she is keen on classical, most teachers and music schools follow a strict graded exam based curriculum. However, some exam boards do provide alternative exams that are more performance based e.g. Trinity's Performance Certificates. These exams encourage students to put up a recital corresponding to their level of playing. At least this will provide a goal to motivate the students to work towards something. Do consider private teachers as they will be more flexible in their teaching approach.

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