Need feedback on current music books

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Need feedback on current music books

Postby Dreamaurora » Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:01 am

As some of you may have known, besides teaching piano, I also author and edit music books. So, for my next publications, I am coming out with more types of books e.g. aural books, theory books, etc.

Now, as a parent who send your child to music lessons every week, do you have any feedback on the current books that your children are using? Like for example do you wish the aural books have more exercises? Do you wish maybe the collection of piano pieces have more notes and explanations? Cheaper prices? More instructions for parents on how to use the books at home?

I will take your feedback into account and hopefully I can create books that are more relevant to today's piano education.

And by the way, you can now download a sample of my book here. Feel free to print them and use them. Do tell me if you have any feedback about it also.

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