Asia-Pacific Electone Festival

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Asia-Pacific Electone Festival

Postby radiantmum » Sun Sep 18, 2011 6:49 pm

This year, Singapore is the host country, held in the University Cultural Centre Hall in NUS. The first prize winners of both the Junior & Open-Age section will then move on to participate in the Junior Festival Grand Finals in Osaka (Nov'11) & Tokyo (Feb'12) respectively.

Junior Section Winners
First Prize: Chang Hsuan Lin, 14 years old (Taiwan)
Second Prize: Chan Jiale Sean, 12 years old (Singapore)
Third Prize: Eunike Tanzil, 13 years old (Indonesia)

Open Age Section Winners
First Prize: Isayana Sarasvati, 18 years old (Singapore)
Second Prize: Feliz Charles Ganda, 17 years old (Indonesia)
Third Prize: Foo Wei Fung, 20 years old (Malaysia)
Special Award: Carlos Augusto, 26 years old (Mexico)

Guest Artistes: Max Takano, Yasuya Tomioka and Kenan Loui Widjaja.

Enjoyable performances with exciting showsmanship by the participants. The festival duration was longer (approx 3 hours) than I expected but the guest artistes performances were definately worth the wait.

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