Cristofori at Sengkang (Anchorvale CC / Rivervale Plaza)

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Cristofori at Sengkang (Anchorvale CC / Rivervale Plaza)

Postby kovankitty » Wed Feb 15, 2012 7:06 am


Would like to ask parents here if they have any kids taking the Little Mozarts course (group digital piano) at Cristofori @ Anchorvale CC or Rivervale Plaza?

My 3 1/2YO boy has been with Yamaha Music Wonderland for 2 terms. Due to dropouts recently, his teacher has decided to combine his class with an earlier class of hers. But the new timing is not appropriate for my boy. So I decided to pull him out.

So far he is ok with the class but lately for the 2nd term, I could see that he is starting to feel bored, esp when the teacher goes through the same songs over and over again every week. Most of the time my boy didn't really sing out loud compared to other kids. Instead he would ask me to turn to the score where he can see the words. He will just follow the words and not sing out loud. Frankly, even I too felt Music Wonderland is a little boring. And furthermore, there are times when the kids are asked to make 'banging' sounds with their fist on the keyboard to create some sound effects, but I didn't quite like this idea. Hence I thought a change of environment/school would be good whereby there is more focus on learning keyboard fingering etc.

Am considering Cristofori Anchorvale or Rivervale Plaza due to the proximity and the time slot offered fits my son's schedule. Just that I can't find much feedback on the school and the course in this forum.

Your valuable feedback is very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

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