"new" instruments?

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will you use instrument to dsa to schools?

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"new" instruments?

Postby kiasumam » Sat Sep 05, 2009 4:38 pm

nowadays everyone looks for holistic education with well-rounded interest.. there was a stage where everyone learn piano, then with vanessa mae, everyone learn violin. but i find if the child's interest is not there, they will not progress a lot.

i find now parents also start their kids on "new" interests like saxaphone... chiense instruments... drums...

i want to know can these be useful in Direct admission for secondary school also.. i am trying to start my son on drums as he express interest in a few of these instruments awhile ago. can paretns who try this route please help!! :) how should i go about applying to secondary schools using this? and what qualifications must he have to qualify for direct admit?/ :?: :?: :?:

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