Learning Theory

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Learning Theory

Postby ViolinTeacher » Sun Aug 11, 2013 5:05 pm


Music theory is very important to compliment learning of music instruments such as piano, violin etc. Although in the exam syllabus, only a grade 5 is required, many take the Grade 5 theory just for that purpose.

Learning music theory seriously has great cognitive effects on being able to read music fast(sight reading). If you find your child is struggling to read fast and it affects the practical learning curve, can I suggest that the theory education gets beefed up?

As a violin teacher, I do spend an equal amount on theory as practical, I try to divide the time to half or if not the class over run by some 15mins. If your child needs extra help in theory and live in the east. I'll be glad to help.

email violin.lessons82@gmail.com or SMS 8424 6935.


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