Learn and start the violin correctly/prepare for DSA

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Learn and start the violin correctly/prepare for DSA

Postby bratche » Wed Dec 18, 2013 9:31 pm

Hi parents,
I am a violin teacher and have been teaching the violin for 26 years. I was trained in the States and have a degree in violin performance; and a real passion for teaching as well, not to say the knack for it.
Since 2009, I've been teaching exclusively at home and am currently preparing my younger students for DSA.

DSA- This is a scheme by MOE to allow students after PSLE who have passed their Grade 7 ABRSM in whatever musical instruments to be considered for a secondary school of their choice(even Raffles is possible) provided they exhibit enough proficiency in the instrument they play.

I teach all grades, and sometimes coach university level students, and unlike most teachers and violinists who only know how to play, have a thorough understanding of the mind/body/psychology behind the student, and as each child is different, I can concoct the most effective way to teach the child to play well and achieve fast, but very importantly, in the correct way.
Most of my students achieve grade 8 within 5 years of being a beginner, and 3 years is not unheard of, If and only if, they practise according to my instructions(not much, 1/2- 1 hours worth of practice a day). Quality counts, not quantity.
My greatest achievements to date was 1. getting 2 severely despraxic children to pass grade 5 within a year(one's going for grade 8 two years since), 2. having 1 student pass grade 8 within 1 year as a beginner(an older child),3. having an adult beginner play like a grade 8 student within 2 minutes of her first lesson(very simple piece of course).
So, if you would like to consider DSA and learn the violin and who knows, even have your kid join the national orchestra, give me a call-

Mr Yeo, http://www.efficientviolinist.comPlease forgive the rudimentary look of my website, it's being redone as I'm typing(I was doing it on the cheap). My blog(I hardly write)http://efficientviolinist.blogspot.sg/
Slots are limited and I insist only on serious parents(what would a child know).
Call me: 90097430
Rates : 100/hour( please don't compare me to music schools)

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