which music instrument is best for a 5 yr old child

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which music instrument is best for a 5 yr old child

Postby karenmok » Fri Dec 20, 2013 5:52 pm

My question stems from the following considerations:

1. The parents have no formal training in music but would like the child to receive some training in music.

2. The child cannot choose her own instrument but instead will go wherever the parents ask her to. After all, do you really expect a kid to tell if she wants to try a violin, piano, flute, or drums.

3. It takes months, if not years, to acquire a decent skill. We have not the time, money, or inclination to try multiple instruments. We will settle for an instrument now and will stick with it for a while.

Can someone help this kiasu mom please?


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Re: which music instrument is best for a 5 yr old child

Postby sleepy » Fri Dec 20, 2013 8:25 pm

We started 5 yo dd2 with group piano lesson at Seimpi to ascertain her interest. Preferred a group setting because believe it to be less intense and with more fun element. (dd1 was turned off by her piano teacher during individual lessons and she lost interest in this instrument because we hired the wrong teacher. So we wanted to ensure we started dd2 on a fun group setting instead of individual lessons right away.)

Reason we chose Seimpi was because it's the only school in my area that still conduct group lessons for 5 yo kids. The other few music schools I called only had individual lesson for this age group.
Reason we chose piano was because I have an existing Yamaha keyboard so at least readily available for home practice.

Kids learn how to read notes during Seimpi group lessons. So even if you observe that your dd is not particularly keen in keyboard, can always switch instrument. Music notes are the same. Knowledge acquired won't go to waste. (dd1 learned cello subsequently, after taking up cca cello in school)

If your dd shows keen interest, you can subsequently switch her to individual lessons for more focused learning. That's when you need to buy a piano.

It's a long journey. Lots of trial & error & had a string of teachers. After trying out Seimpi & Nafa, my dd2 is currently with her 5th piano teacher, a private teacher. And this teacher refuses to teach aural :slapshead: I'm honestly too tired to switch teacher again. I know :nailbite: right?

Now learning grade 8. Really long journey. Been learning for 5 years. Not just the cost involved. Lots of sending/fetching & nagging. Parents need to have patience, more than the child who is learning :siam:

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Re: which music instrument is best for a 5 yr old child

Postby homereddy » Fri Dec 20, 2013 9:10 pm

I bought my son is 5 years old xylophone. The instrument is quite requests and understandable to the child. recommend

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