Piano Lesson

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Piano Lesson

Postby Xiaowen » Mon Feb 10, 2014 4:46 pm

Hi Mummies,

I want to let my daughter, who is currently 5yrs old this year to learn piano but I'm don't know whether will it be better if it is a one to one session or in a group? I've another little one to take care of during weekends, hence, I will not be able to accompany my elder girl for lesson together.

Does anyone have a good teacher to recommend? Of course, not so ex and by the way, I'm staying at taman jurong.

Will appreciate all your advices & guidances please. You may email me at loh_1607@yahoo.com.sg.

Thank you.

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Re: Piano Lesson

Postby agneschi » Thu Mar 06, 2014 1:14 pm

It depends of your gal's characteristics then, to decide whether you should start her with group lesson or individual lesson.

My recommendations as below :-
1) Shy, quiet, has no strong exposures in music yet - Let her try with Group Lesson eg. Yamaha JMC or Cristofori class.
a) JMS required parents sit it. Jurong area you may visit to the Yamaha next to JW library.
b) Cristofori only at last 10 minutes of lesson parents to join in with purpose to know briefly the lesson of the day conducted. Jurong area there are 3 branches either at JW, GekPoh or Nanyang.

2) Fast learner, with good understanding when teacher explaining something, then you may consider a 5-year old kid to start with individual piano class in Music School or a Private Piano Teacher.

Piano study is a long-term, time consuming and required parents' investment in money (recurring school fee, every grade fee jumps and buying a good keyboard/digital piano/ upright piano if child is serious in learning) & time (sending/picking up lesson, accompany and remind child to practise piano playing daily). Children also important to have interests in music to practice in order to produce results and move on to higher Grades.

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