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Musical Art Studio

Postby MAStudio » Thu Mar 13, 2014 9:03 pm

Musical Art Studio ( ) is registered as a private music school with MOE, Singapore.

We offer courses in:

- Violin,
- Piano,
- Cello,
- Music Theory,

as well as piano accompaniment for various exams (Grade 1 to Diploma level).

The courses are conducted by dedicated teachers and musicians, who have obtained high qualification and possess extensive experience. The courses at the Musical Art Studio (from beginners to advanced levels) aim to develop the students' technical skills for playing of the respective instrument as well as to prepare them for various exams, auditions, performances, music competitions etc. The essence of the teachers' pursuits is to expose the students to the beauty of the Music, as well as to enable them to understand and perform it as an actual Art.

Contact us:


Address: 462 Crawford Lane, #02-59 Singapore 190462

Phone: 63382469

Teaching Philosophy
The Violin performing style has been developing for long time and nowadays it is no longer any secret how to excel in the Violin technique. The music lovers worldwide enjoy the performances of more and more superior violinists, whose standards frequently go beyond the achievements of violinists from the past. To me, the general question in the near future will be how to make the learning processes more efficient, so that the time needed be reduced.
My teaching method uses the positive experience of the previous generations, as well as caters to the personal needs of every student. Playing music, respectively the Violin is a complex process, which factually pre-defines the long terms of studies. However, if you follow certain methods, putting the studying processes on an objective and scientific base, you may manage to achieve excellent results even within not that long time.
I have noticed that the learning by techniques gives the best result, because the violinist gets familiar with the respective technique and subsequently learns how to apply it or use it in combination with other techniques. Some people may think that it is an overworking method, but at the end of the day we realize that it is the short cut. The great benefit is that the violinist is on the right way towards proficiency, no matter how advanced he or she is. Moreover, the enjoyment playing the Violin, which usually requires a long time of suffering to play the notes in tune or just to produce a descent tone, comes more easily as a result of these methods. It may still require perseverance, but the effort is crowned with success, as the violinist progresses and this progress is noticeable even within a short term.
The method bases on the understanding that the musical notes are the primary symbols of Music and they must be known as well as the letters of the alphabet are. At the same time the respective tone pitch, matching the note must be listened to and gradually remembered in a strong connection with the musical notes. All the subsequent details e.g. string on which you draw the bow or finger used for playing of the note, also appear to be in strong connection with the primary symbols. These details just take the process forwards into the actual tone production after which the self controlled intonation comes up to complete the full circle with (if necessary) or without (if not necessary) correction of the tone pitch. All this refers to the production of a single tone and you could imagine the complexity of the process, since there are many tones even in a simple tune. Subsequently, the technique of playing in rhythm, changing positions, vibrato, various bow strokes, double stops etc. are studied separately and in connection with each other.
The learning of how to play the Violin is a journey, which has no end once you embark on it. The accomplishment knows no boundaries. That is the greatest charm of Violin playing, as along the way it turns into infinity.

Darin Varbanov
Violinist, Violin Teacher

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Re: Musical Art Studio

Postby MAStudio » Sat Aug 01, 2015 1:46 am

Musical Art Studio announces new violin students' acceptance under
Mr Darin Varbanov.
He will resume teaching the violin from September 2015 onwards.
If you are interested to sign up, please send an e-mail to:

or call the Studio at 63382469 for more details or to make an arrangement.

For additional info visit

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