Offering Professional Piano Classes (Ms Liu 81198383)

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Offering Professional Piano Classes (Ms Liu 81198383)

Postby ElleanaLiu » Wed Mar 19, 2014 8:36 am

If you wish to improve your artistic, musical literacy via learning the piano in a joyful yet formal manner, please contact Ms Liu. Regardless of age, Ms Liu will design a professionally structured systematic training program to strengthen your basic foundation and refine your skills and techniques. This learning process will enable you to have a strong piano performance, improve your artistic temperament and enhance the quality of your music.
"Learning the piano is like building a house. Having a strong foundation is like having a firm grasp on the basics and good techniques. The decor of the house depends on how the owner intends to design it, much like how a musician understands and expresses a music piece." This is a quote from Chinese teacher Ms Liu in an interview with the Chinese newspaper.

Ms Liu has observed the following problems faced by many students: 1) bad hand posture - lack of hand support; 2) poor sense of rythm and expression; 3) lack of clarity and sound quality; 4) carelessness during sight reading; 5) insufficient practice due to laziness. If you have encountered such issues whilst learning the piano, Ms Liu is more than happy to assist you. Ms Liu is strict during lessons, placing emphasis on good posture, technique and rythm. She encourages her students to express themselves through music by inspiring their imagination, instilling good habits and expression.
Miss Liu graduated from the Chinese Institute of Fine Arts Music Department, having trained professionally in piano under the tutelage of renowned Chinese Professor Li Weiming. After graduation, Ms Liu has been dedicated to piano teachings and she has been continuously seeking improvement through further studies. She has unique insights on piano teachings and is multi-talented, having composed lyrics, melodies as well as choreographed dances for student concerts, winning praise and the best instructor award. The students that Ms Liu has taught have also been named Top Student of the Year by the music school. Ms Liu was also awarded the outstanding teacher accolade and has guided many students into obtaining distinctions in the ABRSM examinations.
Singapore's veteran media reporter, Guan Xue Mei, did an interview on Ms Liu's unique music training methods which was published in the Xinmin evening news. Ms Liu's unique teaching methods and artistic talents have also been reported in music interviews by the Chinese television station.
To find out more information on Ms Liu, please click on the link for further details: http://www.xmnn.CN/dzbk/xmwb/20090820/2 ... 090356.htm or search online for her Chinese name 刘怡伶 to view reports and videos about her.

Ms Liu is currently teaching part time at music schools in Singapore whilst preparing to set up her own music studio offering one to one lessons as well as unique small group lessons. In the mean time, Ms Liu is offering one to one lessons as a private teacher, once a week per hour, collecting fees on a monthly basis. Fees are as follows: Beginners to Grade 2 - $250, Grades 3 to 4 - $280, Grades 5 to 6 - $320, Grades 7 to 8 - $360. For those above Grade 8, the charges will be different.
If you are interested in embarking on a musical journey learning the piano with Ms Liu, pleas contact Ms Liu at: 81198383.

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