How to choose a music school?

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How to choose a music school?

Postby KGMA » Wed Apr 27, 2016 11:28 am

From piano lessons to guitar lessons to saxophone lessons, you want to make sure that you choose the best for yourself or your child.

Here are a few tips to help you make an informed decision.

1) Make sure that the school is using recognized teaching materials

Find out if the music school uses accredited tutoring material. Investing time in your musical training and then only later on finding out that the training is not up to standard will be very disappointing. Please note that most school has their preference over which examination board to embark. This should not be a problem since most examination board are recognized. However, always do a check on the background of the school before signing up.

Find out who will be teaching you or your child

A great teacher is one that is able to adapt quickly to student's learning ability and set reasonable expectations for learning goals. Communication between the parent and teacher is very important in facilitating the lessons well. I have a teenage student whom I had difficulty coaching until the mum told me that he has dyspraxia (Development Coordination Disorder). It was like a moment of enlightenment why my student had reacted negatively whenever I introduce something new. Such condition requires teachers to adopt a different approach towards teaching in order for lessons to be effective. Consistent effort in maintaining a good rapport can help the child greatly in not just music but also character development.

If possible, request for a trial class.

Having a trial class is one of the best way to know if the student is able to understand the teacher. Is there a language barrier? Are the instructions clear and understandable? Was the demonstration simple enough to follow? Do you feel motivated to learn after the trial class?

Fees & Location

The commitment to learning music is long term. Consider how much are you willing to pay and how far are you willing to travel before committing to a school. Finding a school near your home, school or workplace is ideal because less traveling time is needed. A reasonable fee can ensure continuity of lessons without having to stop lessons due to financial reason. Of course, however, if you have found a good teacher, fees and location are worth compromising.

Whether you are looking for violin class, drum lessons or singing group classes, take some time to compare and weigh the pros and cons. Knowing yourself is important because our priorities are different.


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