Lifelong journey Artclass

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Lifelong journey Artclass

Postby mariadcruz » Wed Dec 22, 2010 12:29 am

I know I have been singing the praises of my DD and DS art teacher (we call him Teacher Thom), but I've yet to open a thread till now. haha

For the past year, my two darlings have been training under him and i've seen improvements with my own eyes. My kids had zilch interest in art before, but now they are always eager to produce their 'masterpieces' Haha

Now, I was told that his other students have won the top prizes in national art competitions as well... The LTA thingy and some Anti-Drug contest... You know , a part of me, hope that one day it will be my darling's turns!

On another matter, I was gonna be a parent volunteer at a pretty prestigious school and they asked for my DS's talent and achievements... OMG What achievements at this young age? Lucky Teacher Thom helped to draft a pretty nice recommendation letter for me... and I'm still keeping my fingers crossed!

The holidays are here and I've decked the halls with my darling's paintings! Haha

Merry Xmas, all!

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