Problems encountered?

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Problems encountered?

Postby soundt2x » Tue Apr 09, 2013 9:15 am

Just curious to find out if anyone of you face issues when crafting with your child/children?

I would like to share mine....

1) Creativity issue - As much as we know the importance of creativity, being raised in SG (with lesser emphasis on thinking out of the box during my childhood days) I guess it's hard to break away from the norms and allow my child to explore freely. I tend to overuse the word "are you sure it's done in this way?" only to realise that after I have said those words :( Arrgh...can be quite frustrating from the point of view of a child who has to bear with my crap :p

2) Short attention span - Crafting is a very process orientated activity, for toddlers especially, it seems difficult to get them to pay attention to what they should be focusing on! As much as I find my daughter has good concentration, , she is beginning to deviate from what I am trying to teach her these days. At times, she attempts to do something else instead. I've tried pausing a project if my daughter doesn't seem very interested but sometimes this kind of kill the momentum isn't it? To continue or not to is always a big struggle and I don't want her to have the mentality that she can do things half you face this too?

3) The use of materials, buying materials or using recycling materials. To promote sustainability I think it's important to use recycle materials if possible. I used to get my child to work on A4 paper at her Mini Atelier, but I have stop doing that because I think providing recycled materials is a better way since she just used her training scissors to cut paper into small stripes at times. Sometimes it's more on the cost factor since I am a stay home mum!

What about you? What are some of your biggest challenges when crafting with your kids?

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