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Postby bigfoot » Mon Dec 27, 2010 10:31 pm

insider wrote:Anyone can recommend me a reliable instructor conducting diving courses for my 16 years old son?

When my 2 elder ones were smaller, I had this 'plan' to take a diving course together with them.

Then I procrastinated.

Then my 3rd one came.

Then I getting old (experiencing vertigo attacks that shake my confidence somehow in having deeper sea sports).

Then... .时光一去不回来...


I am an advanced diver but hasn't been to any diving trip since I got married 7 years ago! In fact, I think my last diving trip was like 9-10 years ago.

Anyway, I learnt my diving from this school.

Not sure if they are the cheapest or the best but I was happy with their instructors and the dive trip organised by them was great as well. You can check them out. :)

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Postby miffykwek » Wed Dec 29, 2010 5:06 pm


you can look for James Ng (97322918).

Can also check out SCUBAddictions group page on facebook. Just do a search for "SCUBAddictions"

He's out of town at Manado at the moment, training two 10 year olds and guiding experienced divers for their leisure dives, and will be back after 3 Jan 2011.

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