Yoga: Reduce Fatigue in this Hot Weather

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Yoga: Reduce Fatigue in this Hot Weather

Postby Yuanne Lau » Mon Apr 11, 2016 1:19 pm

The hot weather of late is becoming very unbearable. Here are some simple tips to recharge, refresh and give you a good night's sleep :smile:

1.Stay hydrated.

2.Exercise at the right time - Yoga or any form of exercise are best done in the early morning. Tap into the healing properties of the sun which also benefits the skin. The morning silence and cool air rejuvenates the body. Alternatively, exercise at sunset.

3.No time? A 20-minute yoga work-out with relaxation is just as good if you're pressed for time. Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) is the mother of all asanas (yoga postures). It has 12-steps, can be done slow or fast.
The benefits are:
a. Tone muscles, joints and strengthen bones
b. Synchronize breathing stimulates the internal organs of the body ie. endocrine glands responsible for hormones production for growth and healing.
c. Left and right brain are activated and balanced.
d. Helps the body relax better and enhances breathing exercises.

5.Breathing techniques.
Alternate nostril breathing (ANB) and 'Sheetali' or 'Sheekari' breathing technique
ANB regulates breathing of the nasal passages. Sheetali/Sheekari, cools the body and affects brain centres associated with temperature regulation. It helps in muscle relaxation. Thus, give you a more enjoyable sleep.

Check this video on "cooling breathing".,d.dGY

For Yoga lessons (adults or kids), give me a buzz.
Have a nice day!

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