Yoga: Sleep deprived? Tips for quality sleep

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Yoga: Sleep deprived? Tips for quality sleep

Postby Yuanne Lau » Tue May 24, 2016 3:22 pm

Most of us could relate to these findings “Singaporeans ranked lowest on sleep time”

Our daily lifestyle is a constant rush, worsened by poor nutritional diet to lack of regular exercise. It is a vicious cycle, and no exception to kids too. These, could lead to long term health problems such as anxiety, stress and sleep disorders. The quality of sleep is just as important as the amount of sleep time.
Some simple and practical tips you can do throughout the day to help you or your child relax better, preparing to unwind for bedtime.
1. Incorporate short relaxation breaks at work. Especially if you spend long hours at your desk or computer, STEP AWAY do simple stretches to loosen up and 3 minutes of breathing exercises to SLOW DOWN and regulate your circulatory system. Try diaphragmatic/belly breathing or Kapalbhati (frontal brain cleansing breath) and end with Alternate Nostril Breathing or the complete Yoga breathing (ventilate all the three parts of your lungs).
2. Relaxation while commuting. Reduce looking at your phone screens in the bus or train. Do 15 minutes of relaxation, close your eyes and do diaphragmatic or complete Yoga breathing. Can be done sitting or standing.
3. Set your own discipline and sleep regiment. Avoid checking on phones or electronic gadgets when approaching bedtime. The laws of nature, cycle of night and day is closely connected to our biological rhythm. The pineal gland is sensitive to light. Prolonged exposure of light disrupt our sleep pattern. Excess production of serotonin keep us awake when we should be sleeping. SLOW DOWN with appropriate breathing exercises for night time that helps you relax better and sleep well. Alternate Nostril and Ujjayi breathing soothes the nervous system, calms the mind and has profound relaxing effects.

We sleep better when we are relaxed.

Feel free to share any views/feedback or queries.

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