When 40 is the new 30, how to "Age-Young" & keep up the pace

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When 40 is the new 30, how to "Age-Young" & keep up the pace

Postby AskYuanne » Wed Jun 29, 2016 12:15 pm

Some of us working adults or working parents are already feeling it. The traditional 3-stage life morphing into multiple stages containing two or three of more different careers seems inevitable. Transition between stages could impact on all fronts- financial, re-education, better work-life balance and social norms. When "70 is the new 60", or "40 the new 30"... It matters what we do NOW to STAY HEALTHY, AGILE - PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY AND MENTALLY.
Whichever form of exercize you do, make Fitness & Breathing exercizes your regular regiment. Be a role model to our kids :) Even a daily 20 minute session helps a long way.

Any thoughts feel free to share!


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