Clearance Sales of Primary & Secondary Old Assessment Books

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Clearance Sales of Primary & Secondary Old Assessment Books

Postby Lovemychild » Fri Oct 21, 2016 6:13 pm

Dear Parents,

Clearance sales of my child OLD books after O Level completes by 18th Nov 2016.

1) Primary Assessment Books (Left some)
2) Lower & Upper Secondary Text Books, Assessment & Enrichment Books
3) Good schools O Level Practice Papers with answers & Ten Years Series (2000 to 2015)
4) Books are either completed/half completed/not done
5) Prices depend on the book category
General Prices range from $8 onwards ~~
6) Books are in good condition
7) Self-collection
8) Bulk discount is available for bulk purchase
9) Books are carefully chosen and purchased so all the books are useful in aiding the understanding of the subjects

My kid has no tuition since Primary school till Sec 4 :rahrah:

All enquiries are welcome ~~ :imcool:


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