How to tell if Child is telling lies??

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Re: How to tell if Child is telling lies??

Postby archcherub » Wed Jan 04, 2017 4:39 pm

jetsetter wrote:
lag wrote:what happen if the kid is a sec 1 boy... haizzz any solution?
the skills have been soo "refine" until it is challenging to spot the flaw..

take a polygraph test.

are u sure he is that good? did u spot any contradiction in his statements? U need to cross exam and interrogate until he blur blur and loses his train of thoughts. then catch him unawares like a hawk does to its prey. Gotcha!

eh no need so exaggerate right? lol most kids not good at telling lies.
once u manage to ask him repeat the stories, can soon find a weak point in his stories.
i usually ask questions a few times, keep repeating his stories after a while, the details would be wrong..

thats why i myself don't like to lie. remember the truth is always the easiest.

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Re: How to tell if Child is telling lies??

Postby FishFingers » Mon Jun 19, 2017 12:24 am

Look at the body language and the eyes of the child...

If the child does not make eye contact with you and has shifty eyes,he/she is most likely telling a lie. Probe a bit further,he will spill the beans about his alleged mistake.

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Re: How to tell if Child is telling lies??

Postby el_ninogold » Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:14 am

troubled wrote:Hi,

Any tested methods to know if child is telling lies??

I feel that instead of trying to go in the direction of catching a child telling lies, we can be good role models for them in terms of honouring our words and fulfilling our promises to the kids. If we promise we bring them to the zoo, we do it no matter how. We should not make empty promises or tell white lies/ half truths ourselves as we will be found out eventually. Ultimately, children are taught by what their parents are (we don't lie) and not merely by their talk (children must not lie). And if we do catch the kid lying, talking the kid through why he shouldn't lie always work better than punishing using punitive methods, which merely instills a sense of fear and resentment without real understanding.

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