Letters b, d, p and q

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Letters b, d, p and q

Postby Admummy » Fri Feb 25, 2011 10:04 am

Hi, can anyone share tips on how to teach toddler to differentiate the letters b, d, p and q.

My son who is 4yrs old has this problem (hope it's not something alarming).. Anyway he is quite active and has very short attention span. So far, I've gathered the following methods from the net but apparently they are not very effective:
- make an "OK" sign with each hand, which, if formed correctly, makes a "b" with the left hand, and a "d" with the right.

- b "sees" d (a wordplay on the order of the letters b,c,d. Then we drew happy faces on each letter so that they were looking at each other.

- draw our 'b' and 'd' as pictures. The 'b' was a bear's belly and the 'd' was a dinosaurs back.

- use the 'bed' analogy that upsadaisy mentioned. Have the child make two fists with curled fingers facing in towards themselves and thumbs up. Put fists together at knuckles- this is a headboard of a bed. The left fist looks like a 'b', the right fist looks like a 'd' and b comes before d like in the word 'bed'.

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