Exchange Program

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Exchange Program

Postby lovejoypeacce » Thu Mar 31, 2011 10:27 am

My P6 daughter has been selected by her school to go to Melbourne for a 7 day exchange programe in late May.

Only 10 students from the school have been selected.

I am still wondering should I let her go?

My concerns:
* This is a home-stay - so dd will stay with the aussie family and attends the same school as the girl. Not sure what type of family and what sort of checks the school will conduct..
*This will be her first out of country experience without us - naturally we are a bit concerned. And this is during the winter period as well.
*This is her P6 year - not sure if this trip (and the subsequent hosting in July where the aussie girl will come to our place to stay) will affect her studies.

What will you do? I did joking tell my dh that we should go to melbourne during this period too

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Postby LOLMum » Thu Mar 31, 2011 8:28 pm

we took in a german girl (about 12-13 years old) who was on an exchange programme in dd's school in london.

basically the school sent out a letter to ask if anyone was able to house a student for about a week. we just need to provide accommodation, meals and prepared some packed lunches on certain days. we also need to pick and send as well. we dont have to do anything special for the student, just include her in our usual outings.

i dont think any check was done because majority of the students have a solid good family background and anyway, the principal knew us very well. dd's principal was really a great principal who was really handson.

details about us were sent to the german school and likewise we have the german's family details. the girls communicated via email for about 1-2 weeks before arrival. and the teachers kept in touch with the girls very often via handphone. overall, it was really a good experience for all of us.

my dh and i would not mind sending dd on an exchange programme but i guess knowing the family background of the host family is very very important. but pervert comes in all kind of covers.

you have to decide if you are comfortable to send her on this trip at her age.

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