10 steps to teach your children succeed

Parental influence on children in the first 12 years of their lives have a permanent effect. Unfortunately, children come with no user manual. Each child is different from the other. Discuss how to handle emotional and educational needs of your child here.

10 steps to teach your children succeed

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For children, life has too many new things. Thus, when they toddle into this strange world, they need the guidance from their parents. Therefore, you should remember 10 points below to teach your children develop completely.
Appropriate compliments can encourage children build up their self-respect as well as self-confidence. It is important that the compliment have to be clear and appropriate in each case. For instance, “How quick and adroit you put on your shoes!” In this case, you kids do understand what they have just well done.
In additional to sayings, other organized compliment ways such as golden board or good-kid ballots are reasonable. Those are the motivation leading to right behaviors of children.
You should always remember and follow what you talked to your children. If you continuously change your aims and set up new regulations, your children cannot get what you want from them.
3.Create good habits
Good habits (such as going to bed on time, eating on time, not eating snacks too much) make children’s routine stable. They will be more comfortable and assured if they master good habits. Thanks to this, you will not be stressed and have enough time to work. You also have more time to relax and play with you children.
4. Boundaries
Setting clear boundaries is an effective way to prove your power to your children. From that, your children can understand what need to be done at right time and right place.
Children should know what is allowed or not so that they can control their behaviors reasonably. You should not give your children too many choices because they will hesitate and be confused.
5. Regulation
You have to control the regulations constantly and fairly. Children should know that every sin brings its punishment. For instance, if they are well-behaved, they will be praised. In contrast, if they do bad things, they will be punished. If you are fair, your children will behave reasonably along with that.
6. Warning
When your children behave badly, you should warn them and give them a chance to reconsider what they did then decide whether stop or not before being punished.
You should have some warning signs before going out or before asking your children to stop playing and gather toys or before meals time. This will help children mentally prepare for moving on next stuffs..
Asking children to do something quickly may be unfair and make them be more stubborn. If they are carefully indicated what to do, they will do it better.
7. Explaining
You should not only say “No” to refuse requests of your children. You should explain “Why” and “How”. Do not diffusely lecture them. Just answer briefly and completely what they ask. In addition, you should give them illustrations that are familiar with them.
8. Controlling
You should know how to control yourself. In any cases, you should calmly control everything. Do not lose your temper, yell or treat your children arbitrarily. Also, you should not urge them or make them under pressure of time.
Do not make a mountain out of a molehill when it happened already. Even when you want to compliment your children, you need to control. Excessive compliments will become meaningless. Giving them too many presents is also not a good way to show your love to your dear children.
9. Responsibility
When children grow up, they have to bear full responsibility for their behavior, belongings and bodies. Let your children eat, brush their teeth, gather toys and clean their room by themselves. That will help them to be proud of themselves and their belongings. You should give them moderate duty so that they do not have to overexert.
10. Relaxing and entertaining
It is necessary to spend time with your kids to hug, kiss and caress them. Always keep a comfortable attitude when attending social activities or in meals time and bath time of children.
You should approach each stage in the growth of your children with a comfortable and cozy attitude. Sometimes you and your partner should spend time enjoying yourselves without your children. Relaxation will bring unbelievable changes.

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