Toddler extreme behaviour after attending prenursery

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Toddler extreme behaviour after attending prenursery

Postby hongmeiyu79 » Thu Sep 08, 2011 10:27 am

My baby now going to be 3, recently brought her to attend a pre-nursery at Learning Kids. On the 1st day, she still okay when i woke her up to go school. But night time she will kick around and cried as if having a bad nightmare. on 2nd day onwards, she cried and resists so hard till i need at least 1 hr to coax her to wash up and change clothes.

But when she reached the school, she look totally alright and the teachers said that she's able to participate in class and play with other kids normally.

The problem lies when about time to go home. When i go fetch her, she cries and run away from me and said she don't want mama. I tried for quite some time and only finally managed to bring her home, she ran away from me and don't want me touch or carry her at all except for her dad. I was so worried and sad.. not sure why is she like tat.. other kids were crying in school but when they saw their parents fetching them, they will be so happy but for mine.. its totally opposite.. I'm really not sure why and now i don't even dare to let her go school today.

I wanted to let her go school to mix with new kids and learn new things but the problem is her reaction makes me think twice. The teacher there said is cos of separation anxiety but for my baby, I think it's more like of "can't get mama too close anxiety" instead =(

Have any of the parents experiencing the same problems as me?

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Re: Toddler extreme behaviour after attending prenursery

Postby smartmummy » Thu Sep 08, 2011 4:07 pm

I didn't experience like that.But my son happily settle at pre-nursery.He was alone at home.So he found the playgroup more fun.
First two days all parents with kids,Third day,every parent take turn informed the kid and dissappear for a while.When I asked him,can I go to the shop for a while and come back .He aggreed happily.

Are u control/strict discipline ur child at home?

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Re: Toddler extreme behaviour after attending prenursery

Postby mummy2008 » Thu Sep 08, 2011 9:17 pm

Perhaps she found tht the school is more interesting because she has new friends, many toys, etc new to her.

When u fetch her, maybe you can give her few minutes before leave the school. You tell her,"ok, u can play 10 mins more, after that we go home"

As for me, I hv no problem with my DD, she loves her school n is very happy when my dh or I fetch her.

So sorry can't help much

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Re: Toddler extreme behaviour after attending prenursery

Postby Oppsgal » Fri Sep 09, 2011 3:18 pm

Maybe have more toys at home? :shrug: Cannot help too as my kid see me will run and pull me home. Probably got lots of toys at home to look forward to.

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Re: Toddler extreme behaviour after attending prenursery

Postby MadScientist » Fri Sep 09, 2011 3:30 pm

Perhaps you'd like to spend some time, like 10 mins in the school to play with her... the environment is enjoyable, so join in.

As you play, let her know that "we" will be leaving in 10 mins and she will have to go say "goodbye, see you tomorrow" to the teachers.

Make it fun to go and return from school...
I tell all my kids what to expect in advance, and I tell them in a fun way... they get the idea. If I say I will be there, I WILL be there... if I cannot, I say I cannot. Never negate a promise. As soon as things fall into place, and they know they can trust you... they will tend to be more calm about "separation anxiety".
I expect that it should be similar too for the pick-me-up anxiety.

PS. I always tell the kids "Have fun!..." as the head off to school. And "How was your day? Was it fun? Want to tell me about it? Come let's walk and talk..." when I see them again.

Give them time also... they are children and their world changed a lot in a few days.

All the best!

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