MP's dicussion on SG education system

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Do you think SG education needs a revamp?

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MP's dicussion on SG education system

Postby ansh0000 » Sat Sep 17, 2011 1:17 pm

There was a buzz going on in my FB when my MP posted a picture with the following lines:

(<engaging Education Minister Heng Swee Keat and top brass of ministry on education policies. Am in the Govt Parl Comm of Education. Good discussion>)

I am posting a few comments of the picture that gather "likes" of others..

""talk to Mr Heng on the removal of streaming classes as it is very back dated already. Get the smart students to mix with weaker students and improve on the mutual communication level. Also this will eliminate those parents from.buying properties near the famous schools.""

""Our Education System is far too stressful. It needs a medical check up""

""Need to revamp assessment modes, especially PSLE. Creating too much stress for children, parents and teachers.P1-P3 shoud not have formal exams. Teachers' training to equip them with necessary skills and strategies to craft lessons that are crucial to benefit students for the present era. Pupils to learn problem solving skills, handle conflicts and develop good moral and nation building skills..and more...""

I personally also believe in revamping of the education to instill more character-building skills that can help them through their lives.

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