choosing JC!!!!

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choosing JC!!!!

Postby eclair » Tue Jan 10, 2012 9:54 pm

hi, im a 16 year old who has just received my o level results yesterday and AM using my mother's account. I would like to receive your advice.

My raw score is 12. After deducting cca and hmt points, my score is 8. I am planning to put acjc as my first choice, followed by AJC, SAJC, CJC. I live in jurong west.

My score breakdown:
eng: b3
emath: a1
amath: a2
chem: a2
physics: b3
pure geog: a1
combined humans: b3
hcl: b3
express chinese: b3

therefore, i am planning to take a course with 4 H2, namely: math, chem, geog, econs.

which jc is suitable? as i live in the west area, acjc is definitely better for me in terms of distance. yet, i am one point short of ac's cut-off point, which is 7.

thus, any advice? any advice would be very much appreciated! THANK YOU! :smile:

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