So little time?

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So little time?

Postby ramgee » Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:49 am

DS is now in P3.

Morning school routine has settled down by bringing forward sleep time to 9:00. But there seems to be so little "free" time. He loves to read books and wants to explore so many things now but we just don't have time! Is his time crowded with classes or we just need better time planning? Every time we want to drop a class one of us (DH, DS, me) have some objections.

Mon: He is back by 1:30. Has lunch etc. Piano lessons at (home) 3:30-5:00. We don't stress much about exams, in fact encourge the teacher and DS to explore non traditional pieces as well. He practices for about 30 mins atleast 3 times a week.
Tues: back by 1:30. Has lunch etc. Chinese lessons at (home) 2:30-4:00.
Wed-Fri: back by 4:00 (CCA and band competition practise at school).
Fri (5:00-6:00), Sun(10:30-11:30): Swimming (this is needed as he is asthmatic).
Sat: Tae-kwon-do for 2 hours (4-6 p.m.) (he really enjoys this and is at a higher belt now)
Everyday plays from 6:30-7:30 (outdoor). Dinner at 8.

He usually tries to finish homework 5:30-6:00. There is language homework almost everyday. Most subjects have some weekend home work.

Do appreciate comments from fellow parents. Thanks!

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Re: So little time?

Postby Funz » Wed Jan 25, 2012 12:29 pm

DD is also in P3 and started morning session this year. Her schedule is similar except for the CCA commitment.

Mon-Tues, home by 2pm. Lunch & shower. 3-4pm, homework. 4-4.30pm Piano 4.30-5.30pm free time at home. 5.30 - 7pm outdoor time
Wed - home by 2pm, lunch, shower, homework. Leave home at 3.30pm for their Chinese lesson. Home by 6.30pm. no outdoor play. Complete unfinished homework after dinner.

Thurs, CCA day, home by 5pm. Shower, homework. Once done, outdoor play till 7pm
Fri, Higher CL. home by 3pm. Shower, rest. 3.30-4pm Piano. 4-5pm homework. Free from 5pm onwards.

Sat - 10-11am piano lesson
Sun - 10-11am swimming lessons

So far, DD's homework load is still manageable. She completes them within 30mins most days. And more often then not, she comes home with no homework at all. I find that she is having too much free time in the afternoons. Have yet to assign her any additional work but may do so soon as those pockets of free time is starting to be a problem. She may read at times but more and more, I check in only to see her watching nonsensical cartoons or shows.

My hours are flexible so I can be home by about 4.30pm on some days which gives me time to go through some work with my kids should they need help. But so far, they require minimal assistance. I am not one who will teach ahead so for now, both kiddos have loads of free time to play.

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Re: So little time?

Postby UncleLim » Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:20 pm

Sad to say it but that is the NEW NORMAL.

Thousands and thousands of parents struggle with the same issues. So in the end, we stay status quo or something has got to give.

My own children have expressed unhappiness over the busy-ness of their lives. But on some days, they tell me they can deal with the challenging routine. So ... :?

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