How to decide which enrichment?

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How to decide which enrichment?

Postby xueyan » Mon Sep 03, 2012 11:00 pm

My boy just turn 4 years old. I am seriously thinking which enrichment programme to send him next year. I think it is important to choose the right course for him so that he will benefit.

Right now he is attending speech and drama from Julia Gabriel. Although I can see much improvement in him (he is there for 4 terms now and we will continue in the next term), but i thought perhaps I should do something else next year.

THe reason we sent him to Julia Gabriel is because he has delayed speech and he is shy. Now he is able to speak and approach people. I think this is money well spent.

A look of the type of enrichment available scares me. You name it, they have it. How do mummies decide which one for their kid?
There is
- Music course which sounds a good start to learn a musical instrument in future
- Right brain training which seems crucial as it develops his brain especially when he has to do it before 6 years old (according to the expert). This is also something that DH, myself and his full day childcare will not teach him.
- Language course which I think will definitely help him in preparation of P1
- Drawing course which can help him focus and pencil holding.

The list goes on and I am totally confused. I do not want to stress Ds. But i am adamant to give him some enrichment class to improve himself, and I can't decide.

Can kind mummies give some comments.


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Re: How to decide which enrichment?

Postby sembgal » Sat Sep 08, 2012 1:25 am

I read from a book that exposing your child to pick up learning a music instrument such as piano, can raise IQ by at least 10 points! Go read this book "Raise A Smarter Child by Kindergarten".
Drawing class is good for children- develops their creativity skill and fine motor skills. I have seen smart children who have no creativity, why? Doing too much worksheets or assessment books can reduce creativity. Just pick up some books and read for the facts. Some children can't even draw when you tell them to draw when their peers could.

If parents have time to spare, it is better to teach your child 1 to 1 on daily basis of 10 to 15 mins. Your child's preschool teacher should know your child best and know where your child's strength and weakness. It will be good to discuss with what the teachers in school are teaching and what you hope to teach your child that the teacher has yet to teach.

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