Need Honest advice. Thank you :)

Parental influence on children in the first 12 years of their lives have a permanent effect. Unfortunately, children come with no user manual. Each child is different from the other. Discuss how to handle emotional and educational needs of your child here.

Need Honest advice. Thank you :)

Postby zesi » Fri Jan 11, 2013 1:30 am

Hi all.
This is my first post in this forum.
I am facing a problem and I hope whoever reading this can help me and advice me on what I can do. Thank you.

I am a student and part time tutor. I have been tutoring for almost 4 years now and my experience is not good enough yet.

I really want to help two of my student, who is not doing so well in his studies.
They fail almost all of their subject. They are not stupid or slow and can learn at an okay speed. I usually dont't have much problem with motivating my other students.

This student (Student A), however, is very hard to motivate. He doesn't seems to care about his work. His attitude towards his study is very bad. I am usually very strict with homework so I tend to give some homework for him to do. He say he like my lesson but hate to do the homework I give him. My tuition is 2hr a day, once a week with him. His parents has tried many ways but nothing seems to work. He has also met some really bad friends and his behavior has start to change a lot.

Another student (Student B), is student's A sister. I am helping both of them in tuition. Her attitude towards her studies, is very bad. She is also hanging around with friends who are bad influences. Sometimes she stays out after school outside without going home. She also has this problem of always looking at her iphone almost all the time. (facebook of course) She seems relunctant to put away her iphone. She is slightly more obedient but her attitude towards her studies is like Student A. They simply doesn't care.

Both of these student have a eldest brother, and I have taught their eldest brother for 2 years, and completed his O level last year. He is much more responsible in his studies.

I talked to their mother. She is a very nice lady. She cry over the phone and told me about their family issues. A and B has said very hurtful stuff to hurt their mother. I try to talk to her and see what we can do about it. Apparently, there is even much worse problem.

Her husband love his daughter so much (Student B), so much so he is willing to side her no matter what others have said. Her mum saw some things on her phone but when she talk to her husband, her husband rather listen to the twisted facts from student B than her.

The "teacher" side of me want to help both A and B, but I have run out of ideas. I have find ways to reward them, try to be less strict. Yes, I am usually quite a strict teacher, but I try to relax towards them, earning their trust. Student A is okay as he try to confide things in me right now, which is a good start, but his attitude towards his studies has not improve much yet.

What can I, a tutor, can do to help?

Your advice is appreciated.
Thank you!

- James

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Re: Need Honest advice. Thank you :)

Postby Jennifer » Fri Jan 11, 2013 3:43 pm

Suggest a trained family counsellor to the mother.

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