Who's plot of land ? Who's dream ?

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Who's plot of land ? Who's dream ?

Postby daisyt » Fri Aug 28, 2009 10:43 am

This morning, my girl was showing me a newspaper article about MayDay. On the other side, was this page about lyrics of the song 《梦田》. Recently I got to know a bit more about this author 三毛 through my girl's school assessment. 《梦田》 lyrics was written by 三毛. The words are so simple but meangingful. Hence I would like to share my perception and feeling here, after reading the lyrics. Please pardon my level of Chinese, I am still learning. Whoever like to translate, please go ahead. :D :D

每个人心里一亩 一亩田
每个人心里一个 一个梦
用它来种什么 用它来种什么
种桃 种李 种春风

非常喜欢三毛的词。今早无意发现这首歌是来自三毛之笔,看了一遍,哼了一哼,脑海里突然有很多感想。身有人母的我,这歌词有不同的意义。往往,父母会准备好一颗种子,轻轻的放在我们的那亩田。我们会细心的灌溉,施肥,耐心的等待那种子发芽。当我们发现,围绕着那棵幼苗,渐渐的出现了些野草,害虫,我们会把野草拔掉,把害虫除掉。 然而,当幼苗逐渐的成长, 我们会发现,这亩田其实不属于我们。 我们只是一个工具,一个尽忠职守的工具。 这工具只希望把这亩田培养成一亩好田地, 一亩孩子的田地。 这亩田,至今发出的植物是否能经得起风吹雨打,屹立不倒的高昂树立这,就得完全依靠那种子的毅力和坚强。那亩田将抱这设么理想,设么梦,以不是我们的梦,应为那亩田是孩子的梦。


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Postby Busymom » Fri Aug 28, 2009 11:53 am

Thanks for sharing. 三毛 has been one of my favourite authors since young. Have fond memories of her books, especially the ones on her life and journey in the Sahara.

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Postby fristrom » Fri Aug 28, 2009 11:28 pm

There is a field in everyone's heart
There is a dream in everyone's heart
There is a seed in everyone's heart
The field in my heart: what seeds do I sow... what seeds do I sow ...
Peaches, plum, the wind from spring
Spring returns when the pear flower wilts and spring comes, that is the field in my heart
That is an unwoken dream in my heart

I love the lyric written by Sam-Mo.

I discovered this song written by Sam-Mo accidentally. I looked, I sang and suddenly, many thoughts went through my mind. Being a mother, this song meant something different.

As parents, we often prepare our seed and plant it carefully in our field. We watered it, give fertilizer to it, waiting for our plant to sprout. When we discover weeds, pests around our young plant, we remove these weeds and pests diligently.

However, as the plant grows, we will eventually find that the field never belongs to us. We are only some tools, some tools that are there to do our duty.

All the tools wish for, is to turn this field into a fertile one, a field for our child.

Ultimately, whether the plant can stand up to the winds and rains, can grown up strong and tall, depends on the will and the strength of the seed. Ultimately, the field no longer carries our dream… the field will carry the dream of our child.

My dear child, what do you want your field to be?
Do you want to fill your field with weeds or beautiful flowers?
Do you want your field to be a infertile or a field that prospers?
Do you want people to turn away when they see your field, or do you want people to embrace it with joy?

Please remember, my dear child, this is your field and your dream.
And we, as parents, have another field of our own.

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Postby daisyt » Sun Aug 30, 2009 4:57 pm

fristrom, very well translated !! :thankyou: :D

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