How many hours in a day do your K2 children spend to study

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How many hours in a day do your K2 children spend to study

Postby ijul » Sun Aug 30, 2009 12:21 am

Hello ...

I'm very new here,....need more advice and tips from "senior" out there :wink:
I wonder how many hours daily do your K2 child spend for study outside Childcare or other additional class prorgam ?
My eldest son going to P1 next year.He is in a Full day child care, on sat am he has chinese class and english at Pm. It seems that still lack of time for him to do his spelling which is twice in a week (one chinese another english) or do his homework's enrichment class. :?:

And now to ask him to study is another problem ! What a stress :stupid:

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Postby sleepy » Sun Aug 30, 2009 10:21 pm

For full day childcare, there's very little time left to do extra work outside childcare hours. I think it would be very tiring for him too, almost like an adult working whole day, no more energy to study at night.
During the day, there may be some free time in between, perhaps can arrange with his childcare center to let him complete his enrichment homework during those free time?

Mine goes kindy. After her favourite hi-5 programme on okto, she would spend about 2 hours doing her kindy & enrichments homework.

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