Does your child have aSpeech Delay? Autism? Try PECS today!

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Does your child have aSpeech Delay? Autism? Try PECS today!

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Dear Parents & Teachers,

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to attend the PECS Basic & Advanced Training on the 8th,9th, 15th & 16th of November 2014 from 9-5pm at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore.

The course fees are $1700 SGD for both the Basic & the Advanced workshop per participant.

The fees include:
A free, Second Edition PECS Training Manual & CD worth $ 80
Handouts and stationary for both days
Free Snacks, Lunch and refreshments by The Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore
Training certification in both PECS Basic and Advanced (recognised worldwide)

The training is conducted by Sophie Kerr of PECS Australia and is suitable for parents and teachers or have or who work with children who have limited functional speech. The Picture Exchange Communication System or PECS promotes communication within a social context, without lengthy pre-requisite training. Teach a child with limited functional speech, critical communication skills rapidly!

This world renowned training programme will give you a head start on how to get your child to make a spontaneous request and build other skills such as responding to questions and commenting.

One of the main areas affected in individuals on the autism spectrum is the ability to communicate. Some will develop verbal language, while others may struggle to talk as their main form of communication. An augmented communication program, such as PECS is an extremely useful "scaffold" for the development of expressive language.

Developed at the Delaware Autistic Program to help children and adults with ASD to acquire functional communication skills, it uses ABA-based methods to teach children to exchange a picture for something they want - an item or activity.

PECS is clear, intentional, and initiated by the child. It leverages a child's learning strengths (visual learning) to facilitate an understanding of how to communicate with others. The child hands an adult an object, photo or picture of the desired item, and his request is immediately understood.

While many parents and teachers are concerned that the use of PECS will stop speech and verbal language from developing, clinical research and classroom practice indicates that routine PECS use can assist in the development of verbal skills.

PECS training is conducted annually in Singapore by skilled trainers from the US or Australia. Levels 1 and 2 of PECS teach the necessary skills to implement the programme in homes and schools. For a PECS programme to be meaningful, a child needs to build up to a minimum of 80 exchanges a day for different functions, with different people, in a variety of contexts.


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