How to motivate your child to read independently?

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Re: How to motivate your child to read independently?

Postby fable » Sat Sep 09, 2017 10:17 am

To me, if you want your child to read independently, books & stories must be fun to them. DS is 12 now and has been reading independently since pre-K days. I think its the result of a couple of things:
1) I read to him alot since he was little. Even after he could read on his own, I would read to him, often not letting him read over my shoulder, so he could listen to the story. There were books that we serialised over a week or two (and he was not allowed to read them on his own), board books that we still go to for a bedtime story, as well as short stories. With board books like 2 pigs and cinderella, when he knew the story well, I'd change parts - from simply adding his name and the name of his friends - to completely changing the story around each time. Even at 12 he will sometimes ask for a bedtime story and bring him a board book from him library.
2) I love to read, and he often sees me buried in my book. Sometimes I ask him to please not disturb me coz I'm in the middle of a section
3) Giving them freedom to choose the books they like. My son loves comics, science & math non-fiction, as well as a wide range of fiction. He went through the Geronimo Stilton stage, and has almost all Rick Riordan books that he reads and rereads. Its not about whether its too simple or too difficult for their age. If a book has a theme that I think is not age appropriate, when he was younger, I would steer him away by suggesting another book, but now I talk to him about it, and let him form an opinion.

So essentially to me its a combination of forbidden fruit (this book is for older kids / newspapers are for adults, surely you can't read it), fun (books are full of awesome stories and information!), and monkey see monkey do. The cliffhanger is a fun tactic to use as well.

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Re: How to motivate your child to read independently?

Postby Angelsdontexist » Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:34 pm

thought this post is quite meaningful.

Why We Should Continue To Read Aloud To Older Children

No one questions the idea that reading aloud to young children is a good thing. Reading aloud to children not only helps develop their literacy skills but fosters closeness between parent and child.

At a certain point, however, parents inevitably stop reading to their children, as children become independent readers capable of reading to themselves. There is evidence, however, to suggest that parents (and teachers) should continue to read aloud to older children up to age 14, even after they become fluent in reading. Here are some important reasons parents should continue to read out loud to tweens:

Children hear better than they read. According to Jim Trelease, author of the Read-Aloud Handbook, a child’s reading level isn’t on par with his listening level until the eighth grade. Trelease says that parents “can and should be reading seventh-grade books to fifth-grade kids,” as this helps gets kids buzzed about storylines and plots and will motivate them to keep reading. Kids are capable of appreciating a more complicated plot than the one in a story they can read to themselves. Reading aloud to them will keep kids coming back for more as they develop and improve their own independent reading skills.
Books can teach life lessons painlessly. As kids get closer to their teens, there are all kinds of dangers lurking that parents wish they could discuss with their teens frankly. But parents also know their counsel will go in one ear and out the other. Reading a story together about a pregnant teen, such as Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones, or a teen who struggles with addiction, such as Go Ask Alice, can be a poignant but safe way to learn about life without lectures. Use read aloud sessions to generate discussion and explore feelings, ideas and social issues.

More at ... 75602.html

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Re: How to motivate your child to read independently?

Postby charlotte_mason » Tue Sep 19, 2017 8:48 pm

Maybe you should talk first with your kid about her wishes, not yours

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Re: How to motivate your child to read independently?

Postby JS rolling » Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:11 pm

I think it's best for your child to develop a love for reading. Read newspapers, magazines, books, etc. in front of him. Then maybe you can proceed to bedtime stories where you can gradually let him read some of the words. Positive reinforcement is crucial, especially if your child is having a little difficulty reading. I think if he sees the benefits of reading, he'll strive harder to read on his own.

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