Forest Adventure for your kids

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Forest Adventure for your kids

Postby bbforest » Thu Jul 10, 2008 2:00 pm

Hi all,

Jalan Besar CC is organising a forest adventure for kids and parent on 23Aug Sat . They will be providing transport frm the cc to the venue. Anyone interested ?

Time : 10am to 2 pm
Venue: Forest Adventure Bedok Reservoir Park

Registration Fees :$30 (Adult),$27 (Student), $25 (Child 16< / 小孩)

Forest Adventure is
An aerial course through the trees comprising ladders, bridges, swings, nets, trapezes and slides where participants move unaccompanied, from tree to tree, 5 meters above ground.

All participants are equipped with harnesses and are responsible for securing themselves to a safety line at each stage.

Forest Adventure is a fun, recreational and outdoor activity for family and friends as well as groups (school and corporates).

Using trees as a support, Forest Adventure provides an exquisite way to touch and feel the trees and nature in general.


The kids course has 16 stages including one zip line 67 m long. The course is laid out in 2 loops of 7 activities each that commences from a central platform.

Children are connected to a continuous safety line at the start of the course and are not be disconnected until they have reached the end.

Course Safety:
The Forest Adventure course was built by leading French designer of tree top courses. We followed the construction requirements imposed by French Norm AFNOR XP S 52-902 for high rope courses.

The course and operating procedures have been independently inspected by APAVE (specialist engineering and risk management inspectors).

ISA certified arborist, Lucien Wijeadasa provides on-going support and advice with the regards to the health of the trees and the surrounded forest.

At the beginning of each day and prior to opening the course to the public, our instructor will check the installation thoroughly and report back to base.

The course is also inspected by APAVE every year, and the designer provides yearly maintenance of all installations, ensuring that the highest level of safety is constantly maintained. The course also has lightning protection.

All our instructors have completed a 5 day course enabling them to provide customer assistance and potential rescue from height when needed.

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Postby ChiefKiasu » Thu Jul 10, 2008 3:11 pm

Wow... sounds exciting! but a bit close to final exams leh... and my son's Saturdays are fully packed. OK... will see if I can make some arrangements.

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