Hollywood Dino @ Jurong Bird Park

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Hollywood Dino @ Jurong Bird Park

Postby tankee » Mon Oct 26, 2009 10:37 am

Hollywood Dino will be at Jurong Bird Park from 12Dec09 to 21Feb10.

Hollywood Dinos is an event spectacle conceived by Worldbizz Pte Ltd, where dinosaurs come alive in the fashion of Hollywood action movie-sets.
Imagine visitors walking onto movie-sets to play their part of the story. Visitors are led into the event by tour guides. Faced with imminent danger and intense fear, visitors have to find their way out and survive the biggest adventure of their lives... when the tour guides go missing... one by one. There is no turning back...

Heart-pounding music scores, lighting and special effects found only in movies will bring true excitement “live”. Against realiistic backdrops, play actors and walking dinosaurs will provide the suspense and action when you least expect.

Opening Hours

FRI, SAT & Eve of Public Holidays - 10 AM TO 11 PM

Ticket Prices

Adult S$ 13.00
Child S$ 9.00
Senior Citizen S$ 11.00
Student S$ 11.00

official website


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Postby babysotong » Sun Jan 24, 2010 9:22 am


Anyone care to provide feedback for this place?


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Postby MJ2009 » Mon Jan 25, 2010 3:39 am

babysotong wrote::?

Anyone care to provide feedback for this place?


Went to Hollywood Dino last December. It was only an hour guided tour, but if you think you wanna stay at an area slightly longer, you can join the later group and continue your journey from there. Towards the end, visitors get a chance to dig fossils but we didn't get to do it cos it started to pour, so my 2 boys missed the opportunity which they anxiously looked forward to :cry:

On the whole, I'd say it is just an experience especially for kids who craze over dinosaurs like my older boy.

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