All about IP

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All about IP

Postby Vanilla Cake » Mon Oct 27, 2008 11:10 am

Hi All,

In less a month's time, results of PSLE 2008 will be out. I think that from the moment I entered P1, the battle had begun. It is either the winner or loser that will emerge from this battle. The next phase of my learning journey is the secondary level and every step in this journey is important.

I don't have a clear idea of what is IP ? I think one clear advantage is to skip another dreadful national exam like 'O' level. Another possible plus is to avoid IP, DSA, mainstream students with good 'O' level results in vying for places in top JCs if I can start IP at Sec 1.

Other concerns are :
(1) Do I still be able to take 'O' level in IP if I decide to opt for Poly instead of taking 'A' level ?

(2) If I do not meet the stipulated academic IP's requirement of the school, will I face the exit ?

(3) Is it better to study Sec 1/Sec 2 in mainstream Sec school and start IP at year 3 in another school ?

I would appreciate feedback based on experiences from IP students or parents of IP students in this issue. Thank you for the time in airing your views and thoughts.

Have a great holiday and Happy Deepavali 2008.

Warmest regards.

Vanilla Cake
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Postby xhxie » Mon Oct 27, 2008 12:45 pm

below anwser is based on what I know.

1). Only those can not meet IP academic requirement will be forced to take O level. For my sons's school, the minimum MSG is 6. According to school, very very little students can not meet the requirement.

2). Yes. But only at sec4, will be forced to take o level

3). No. If possible, better to start the IP study from Sec 1. The IP schools do not follow MOE's syllabus. They have their own programe.

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