Some parents are TOO kiasu about grades.

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Some parents are TOO kiasu about grades.

Postby mummy_b2 » Wed Dec 07, 2011 12:54 pm

I feel like parents need to stop blaming tutors for their child's bad results. They need to be more understanding. :rant:

I have a sister with 2 children in Joanne Choo Language Centre and she introduced my 2 girls, and other nieces and nephews there. They have bee there from pri to sec. My sister is a teacher so I trust her judgment. Both her daughters are v.good in class. Her younger daughter tops every year. but 1 year she had a fever so her compo didn't turn out well. She wrote half the story as 'she' and the second as 'I'. She lost her top position because of it. At least my sister was v.understanding and knew why her girl didn't perform well. :imcool:

I have 1 P4 girl whose marks are v.unpredicatble. After 3 months in Joanne Choo, her compo improved but it really depends on SA topics. Those she has done before she is able to score well. But those that are v.difficult like the past SA2 she cannot write. (Sigh. That's the difference between my girls and my sister's children. They are able to adjust to the topic well.) One exam, my girl panicked and wrote about a boy when the picture showed a girl. She was penalized and her marks dropped.

But what I'm trying to say is at least I trust the tutor. I knew my girl messed up and didn't cause a fuss. Some parents :stompfeet: want to blame everything on the tuition teacher! We cannot expect our children to top every year! It'll drive the tutors and children nuts. :xedfingers:

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Re: Some parents are TOO kiasu about grades.

Postby AceTutors123 » Wed Dec 07, 2011 1:13 pm

Hi mummy_b2, I admire your empathetic attitude towards your children and your tutors! It's important that parents find out and understand the factors affecting their kids' performance, and not simply attribute bad outcomes to others due to presumed biases. You've transcended what science calls, our Fundamental Attribution Error =)

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