Help our kids see the relevance between studies and life

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Help our kids see the relevance between studies and life

Postby Truth Hurts » Mon Dec 10, 2012 2:58 pm

Hi Parents

Stumbled upon this during a discussion with a neighbour who lived overseas for a couple of years. No wonder our system is accused of 'Hot-housing'

Example of an overseas fieldtrip organised by a school for 10 year olds.
1) School organises a learning journey to the diary farm.
2) Farm hand explores the technical aspects of the work like how cheese and milk are produced etc.
3) Teachers seize the opportunity to explore occupations and how important it is to appreciate farmers and workers who toil long hours to put food on our table (Thats the teaching of Values incorporated into the curriculum for you!)
4) Students are given 'homework' where they have to write a reflection on
their learning as well as interview a family member to find out more about their work.
5) Students present their learning in class a week later.
6) Write a short composition about jobs related to their family members or farm visit.

* the difference here is our kids are rushed through their learning journeys and there is no follow up and processing of their learning with the teacher the next day. When I ask my kids what they have learnt after a visit to the frog farm or HDB Hub, they only recall the snacks and games they ate on the bus ride there. I think our kids deserve more. I wonder what our education system is world class for?

Any views parents? Thanks

Truth Hurts
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Re: Help our kids see the relevance between studies and life

Postby Skyed » Mon Dec 10, 2012 3:00 pm

My sec school there was follow up activity after our Service Learning Trip to Ho Chi Minh. Plus we were there to actually do something meaningful - we went to an orphanage for blind children.

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Re: Help our kids see the relevance between studies and life

Postby slmkhoo » Mon Dec 10, 2012 3:51 pm

My kids are not in Singapore school at the moment, so I can't comment on how it's done in Singapore schools. In my kids' international school, they don't do field trips etc due to small teacher and student numbers, and I don't think they do much reflection either. A lot of the linking between studies and life is done at home, by us parents. I suppose we can always hope that schools and teachers can do more, but there are time constraints, and I believe some parents will feel it's a waste of time when kids could be beefing up their exam skills instead.

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Re: Help our kids see the relevance between studies and life

Postby Funz » Mon Dec 10, 2012 4:01 pm

Both DD and DS though I different schools have to write a reflection on their field trips.

DD's field trip follow-up activities are more as she is in P3 compared to DS in P1. I remember DD bringing a camera along to take pictures, thereafter, she did up a powerpoint slide detailing what she saw and she went onto the internet to research more of the subject and put together a presentation.

Even when they were in their childcare, they have follow up activities after most of their field trips.

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