A better way to learn Chinese?

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A better way to learn Chinese?

Postby AceTutors123 » Tue Mar 19, 2013 12:10 pm

The current methods of Chinese learning are focused primarily on learning the most commonly used characters of the language. While this is highly practical, researchers and educators are exploring an alternative approach. This approach incorporates a second focus; on getting students to learn and recognise the ‘trunk’ characters that are present in complex words. By knowing 木 (wood) for example, students will be able to more intuitively recognise 森林 as forest. Or, by knowing 日 (sun, day) and 月 (month, moon), students find it easier to learn 明 (bright).

The debate rages on, and educators may get ever more creative in their teaching of Chinese.

Full article on BBC: A better way to learn Chinese?

What is your take on this, Chinese teachers and tutors?

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