Help/Advise.. P3 Incomplete Syllabus

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Help/Advise.. P3 Incomplete Syllabus

Postby libran269 » Sun Oct 16, 2016 6:29 pm

Hi Parents

I require your valuable advise as I am confused on the next steps.
My daughter is in in CHIJ Katong in P3.

I see big difference from P2 to P3: I did not receive the stellar sheets regularly, also I am told by my DD that form teacher is often absent, also stellar sheets are incomplete, she also tells that science is similar..wondering if any of you have faced this before and what did you doo?

Please advise
Thanks a lot.

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Re: Help/Advise.. P3 Incomplete Syllabus

Postby nansk » Sun Oct 16, 2016 8:02 pm

Wow! That is worrying.

Do you know the parents of any of your dd's classmates? Are they reporting the same situation?

If yes, then I would set up an appointment with the Eng and Sci teachers. If either of them do not respond within (say) 5 working days, I would call the school and set up an appointment with the principal asap.

Most students in Sg go for tuitions and their parents may not worry as much about school work. But if your dd does not go for tuition, you are right to be looking for an improvement to the situation.

Also, I feel that school teachers are limited by the kind of class they get. If there are several pupils who need to go slowly, and your dd is able to go faster, then the teacher cannot do much. You will have to step in and get her to do the work at home (and other assessment books.)

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Re: Help/Advise.. P3 Incomplete Syllabus

Postby phtthp » Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:43 pm

below is 2016 P3 Term 4 Year-End SA2 Science Exam format ( 1 hour, 30 minutes) requirements -
in terms of the Number of questions appearing in Section A (multiple-choice) and Section B (Open-ended), plus the number of marks allocated during marking, per question :- ... Format.pdf

For the list of Science Topics coming out in Year-end SA2, the exam scope, is found here :- ... 202016.pdf

Alternately, you may drop an email to your daughter's P3 Science Tr first, followed up by giving her a call first thing tomorrow morning (Mon, 17 Oct) at General Office, ask admin to get her to return you a call, if wish to clarify the topics in detail.

This PSLE marking week (Mon to Thur) :
is the last week, to catch up with Revision, in all 4 main subjects. Time is very tight !

According to your Exam time-table schedule :
P3 Science SA2 (at CHIJ, Katong Convent primary) -
has been scheduled on Thursday the last day of exam, (27 Oct, 2016)

refer 2016 P3 exam timetable - ... 202016.pdf

Alternately, if you are already in your own class whatsapp group, can just ask the parents, in your daughter's class :
Did the Science Tr return all the marked Worksheets, for SA2 revision, including all Theory + Practical Science Lab Assessment worksheets (if any), plus any experiments demo by the Tr to the entire class, or any hints (if any), dropped or given by the Tr ?
You may discuss this, in your class chat group.

The same, applies to English Main Paper 2. Ask the parents inside the class whatsapp group :
What grammar rules or vocab section, did the P3 stellar worksheets cover so far, from January beginning of the year, until P3 Term 4 week 7. There should be some helpful parents, inside the class chat group

Otherwise, confirm with English Tr, tomorrow Mon morning

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