ITE Nitec to Poly in a year?

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ITE Nitec to Poly in a year?

Postby drkcaey » Sat May 19, 2012 12:24 pm

Since secondary 1 of Normal Technical level, I have been scoring the top scores and never really had to study hard because I'm a fast learner and I can remember things well. Other than words that has more than 3 syllabus, the word is most probably already in my mind. I have always dreamt big and I want to strive. The reason I couldn't get promoted to Normal Academic is because I did very badly for Chinese. Chinese was one subject I could never understand.

At secondary 4, I took N levels and I was allowed by MOE to transfer to Normal Academic only if my principal allowed. I scored a "B" for Math because my teacher couldn't teach algebra to us as most students which he deems as more important than me needed the basic lessons all over again. However, despite the request, he refused. So I had to enter ITE.

Here in ITE, the enviorment is really bad. You do learn some important skills but it is taught very slowly. So slow, I usually become impatient and start being in a foul mood. That hasn't affected my attention in class though. I was doing well, certainly but the thought of having to spend 2 years learning something which I could learn in a few months and graduate from university lateron at the age of 28 is demoralising me. I get worried a lot and I have instances when I teared for realising a few stuff like the lacking education I'm forced into by the government. I admited I was wrong to have scored too low for PSLE but I have changed since then, it have already been 4 years and I have not even met a single person who shares my thoughts or interest at my level. All those students cared about is what their other friend does, it's usually uninteresting and much predictable.

Now, I thought of requesting from ITE to allow me entry into the Polytechnic after a year and 3 months(since poly starts around at the 3rd month) NITEC education, would that be possible? Me being able to do well in Poly is out of the question, since I enjoy studing computers and I am a fast learner. I could understand anything easily but not memorise the whole history textbook(I have tried).

Will you give me your proper advise or information? I'm really sick of my life even though I am getting fed bursaries or upgrade scholarships. It's worthless to what I want to achieve. Even though the scholarship from ite has made me a little feel better then.

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Re: ITE Nitec to Poly in a year?

Postby KSP » Fri Jun 29, 2012 12:32 pm

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