Thread for Permanent Residents

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Thread for Permanent Residents

Postby zarahsmom » Sun Aug 05, 2012 9:47 am

This is a bit disappointing.. but let us turn this around..into something more productive and positive..if you want to give back to your ideas in this thread..

zarahsmom wrote:
awval wrote:
MR06 wrote:Just saw Forum discussion on Asiaone on

S'poreans to get priority for P1 places during balloting: MOE

See what the forummers said....

After reading some of the posts there, i think we hv more constructive and meaning discussions here. SC or PR or FT, we are parents of the next generation, we ought to set good examples and be responsible for the words we use. :lovesite:

Kudos to Chief and team! :udaman: :udaman:

Btw, my girl got into IJ Katong (no need to ballot, no need for heartaches nor sweaty palms!)



thanks for this post. I am also a PR. tho its disheartening to see comments about PR from "3rd world countries" like us... I just see it from their perspective... and try to understand. But to speak for myself and probably the many PRs who are reading this thread.. we do not come here to take the food that you are about to put in your mouth. we also work hard for it. and we accept whatever category you put us into, as long as it is not bordering insult or slavery. am glad that Kiasuparents are more level headed than other forumers..

anyway, if you know of any Singapore youth (physically limited who are attending mainstream college/university) and want to learn Microsoft applications such as Excel (which they can easily use in a real working environment), please call Bala of AWWA Teach ME Excel Programme... I am one of the volunteers..

so if you want to meet PRs like me, this volunteer programme is the best way to see us in action (not just taking from Singapore society but also giving back)...

as of today, I lead a volunteer group in my workplace (mostly made up of PR and a few locals, to teach Singaporean youths who are physically limited on how to use MS Excel.. however this group is quite closed knit and private.. we can form another group of PR Kiasuparents volunteering to help the marginalized society of Singapore..

let me know your ideas...

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