Mummy Fettuccine Reporting!

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Mummy Fettuccine Reporting!

Postby Fettuccine » Thu Jul 03, 2008 7:05 pm

Hello ChiefKiasu, all mums and dads,

I'm a mother of a 6 year old boy and a 4 year old girl, and expecting bebe number 3. I found this website/forum absolutely a great place for us kiasu parents to hangout and find more info/stats.

As this is my first child's P1 registration event, it is very stressful for me. Staying 1-2km to the following schools at phase 2C seems near but yet worried about balloting:

- Tao Nan School (visited and my friends kids are there)
This one is out of reach for son, phase 2C 1-2km got no chance.
Balloted but failed to get PV (35 successful volunteers). The rest probably volunteered for community??

- Tanjong Katong Primary (visiting this coming open house)
This one is the nearest. However, I could not find PSLE results history for this school. School website have very few info.

- Ngee Ann Primary (visited and spoke with people)
Not too bad school. Informative website too. In my short list.

- Maha Bodhi School (visited and spoke with parents)
This one impressed me. The teachers and staff at General Office very polite and helpful. Heard good comments about teachers there. But I'd dread most about the traffic jams at Paya Lebar/Ubi, even though not that far from our home.

- Kong Hwa School (no visit yet)
We are close to this school too but may need to ballot again. Also dreaded the traffic jams around the circuit road campus (for 2 years!)

I'm looking at the above nearest mixed schools and it seems the dragon years' siblings has taken up alot of places in early phase?? I hope MOE or all schools will allow more vacancies at the end of phase 2C to be fair to the 2002 kids.

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Postby ChiefKiasu » Thu Jul 03, 2008 7:38 pm

Hi Fettuccine, and welcome! Sounds like you stay in the same area as me. The best schools around that region are:
Tao Nan
Kong Hwa
Maha Bodhi
Geylang Methodist

You are right that Tao Nan is really tough to get in unless you are <1km away. Maha Bodhi and Kong Hwa (which will be in the Maha Bodhi grounds for 2 years) are the more realistic targets (assuming you are <1km away). Not sure if you have to worry about the jams especially if you are taking the schoolbus. Also, by then most of the roadworks should be done and the circle line would be completed - meaning you have an option of travelling by MRT.

My son is in Kong Hwa. I generally like the school, but find it rather lacking in CCA activities. It's mostly study, study, and more study. They have lots of homework even for P1 over the school holidays.

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Postby Fettuccine » Thu Jul 03, 2008 10:33 pm

Hi ChiefKiasu,

Thanks for your reply and feedback. I guess Maha Bodhi and Kong Hwa sounds good and both are good choices. Just have to wait for how the figures turn out after phase 2A2, sigh...

I'm located in Joo Chiat, so all the schools around are 1-2km away except for tanjong katong primary which is the nearest at 1km.

I would forget about the traffic jams though... :)

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