Mummy Book Worm's Garage Sales

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Mummy Book Worm's Garage Sales

Postby Book Worm » Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:29 am

Hi everyone,

Mummy Book Worm here which I have networked and met up with many parents in Garage Forum.

As a ksp ( yes, I am :love: ), my DH and I will buy new books for our only girl (12 yrs old) who enjoys reading. Many a times, once she finishes her reading, she will ask for more.

To us as parents, knowledge is wisdom and we want to give her our fullest utmost support in letting her enjoy her learning journey.

That explains why we buy new books regularly and once she finishes, we will put in garage sales and sell off at low prices. For parents who are my seasoned buyers, they will know the condition of books are crisp and as good as new ( unless stated ).

Btw, I am a working mummy here. Cheers.

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