Preparing For O-Levels

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Re: Preparing For O-Levels

Postby schweppes » Thu Nov 03, 2016 10:12 am

karenmok wrote:This friend of mine was telling me about her son's performance. He is in sec 3 express. He fared poorly in year-end exams. Either he needs to repeat sec 3 express or move to sec 4 NA. She is very depressed and angry with son. How can I console her?

Some suggestions.

Option 1: He could progress to S4A and work very very hard to do well in the N level exams. If he meets the minimum criteria (I can't recall the cut-off; ask him/parent to check with sch), he can enter the Poly Foundation Program (PFP) which allows him to enter poly by going thru a bridging prog first and then carry on with poly education. He gets to skip O levels.

Option 2 : move on to S4A, decide whether to go thru PFP (if qualify), otherwise progress to S5A to do O levels. Can decide to go JC or poly after that depending on results.

Option 3: But if he wants to do A levels, then best to repeat S3E and then S4E to do O levels.

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Re: Preparing For O-Levels

Postby michong » Thu Nov 03, 2016 6:08 pm

Hi all, I came across a link from FB to this workshop conducted by some teachers: ... d-methods/

Has anyone heard of this/ attended this before? TIA

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Re: Preparing For O-Levels

Postby Soe Ye » Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:29 pm

Dear parents, any good Maths tutor recommend for O Level A Maths for my DD?
We are staying in Redhill area.
Thanks in advance.

Soe Ye
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Preparing For O-Levels

Postby Schootopia » Thu Jan 12, 2017 1:16 am

"O" Level results were out today.

Our triple-science student did very well.
L1R5 6 points
Missed a number of calls in the morning from the ecstatic parent who called to break the news while still at one of the top school in the East.

QUOTE from message from student later in the day:
Hi A......(tutor), F.....(student) here, I got 6pts with 7A1s and 2A2s,
guess I did it after all haha xP
Thanks for all your help :)
the lessons were super fun

QUOTE from message from mother:
Thank-you so much

then again later,

Thank-you A.......(tutor)

:congrats: to all the students out there. You deserve success after all the hard work !

See the results at:

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