what will/can you do in support...

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what will/can you do in support...

Postby kiwi68 » Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:29 am

...if your children tell you they aspire to become...

1. Lawyer

2. Teacher (what qualifications is needed for sec science teacher?)

Would like to hear from parents currently/previously in these professions, what can I do to help them as a parent. Other parents to give me ideas on what other ways to keep their aspirations going and how to be a positive support.

as it is, I'm no longer monitoring their studies like a 'helicopter parent'. All I do is ensure they're doing their work and keeping up with whatever responsibilities they hv in school. So academic wise I probably cant support them much. But I would like to be resourceful in terms of what is required of them in what they aspire to be.

TIA. :wink:

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